It's Time for You to Play a Bigger Entrepreneurial Game

Recently I've been asking myself...

How can I play a bigger game?

How can I play full out?

How can I participate in this entrepreneurial game at a higher level?

And how can I love every second of it?

The answers haven't been coming easily.... until yesterday.

I'd been putting off shooting my new video series, having my professional photo shoot and launching my online program.


I'm not really sure but more than likely it was because I was comfortable.

I'd worked so hard to climb to the level of success that I'm experiencing that I needed a rest.

Then I got comfortable and comfort became boredom which then became dissatisfaction which then became.. stuck!!

I'm a firm, firm believer that if we aren't moving forwards we're definitely sliding backwards and backwards sucks!


Now it's time to play a bigger game.

Here's what that looks like.

Booking a premier suite at Crown Towers (Our fabulous Casino here in Melbourne) and bringing together a crack team of helpers to ensure that the video's I produce for my new free series are nothing short of stunning.

Securing The Waterfront as our Sydney venue also has me excited about playing a bigger game as I launch a revamped and higher level version of my 12 month program.

An online launch that will rocket me into 7 figures is also a driving force right now.

There are times in your entrepreneurial life where you take Quantum Leaps and right now I'm experiencing one of those sweet, sweet leaps and I know for sure I'll be experiencing levels of success I never dared dream of doing, in a way I love to do it.

I also know that I have never forced myself to take a huge leap forward and not have it pay off in a major way.

In the past the issue has been that when I thought I was thinking big I was thinking "small town big".

Now I think I'm thinking HUGE but I also know 3 months from now my thinking will eclipse this.

I love the quote " Set a goal so big you can't achieve it until you grow into the person who can".

That's the sweet spot for me.

This is the spot that keeps me engaged and alive and growing and when I'm in that place there's no stopping me!

So my question to you is this....

How can YOU play a bigger game?

Michelle xox