It's Time to Go Beyond Primetime

"At the end of the day, it's about building a constructive conversation and not just a one-time discussion." These were my opening remarks last night as we convened the Beyond Primetime conference being co-hosted by Common Sense Media and the Aspen Institute at the Time Warner Center in New York. For years, we have dreamed of bringing together media leaders, policy maker, parents, educators, and health professional to focus on the impact of media on our kids' development and well being.

The conference got underway last night with a lively discussion about Media as Parent with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, Warner Music CEO, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., and Oxygen Media founder Geraldine Laybourne. Author and journalist Ken Auletta moderated a spirited debate on parental responsibility versus producer or distributor responsibility when it comes to managing media in the home. Today's discussion, also moderated by Ken Auletta, focused on the responsibility of media leaders. He was joined by film producer Harvey Weinstein, Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Inc., Richard Parsons, and President and CEO of CBS Corporation, Leslie Moonves.

The outstanding caliber of the conference participants (and these are just the opening two of seven panels) testifies to the importance of finding a way of preserving the creative freedoms that make media great while safeguarding our children from age-inappropriate content. As the conference unfolds, we will take up Former FCC Chair Newton Minow's challenge from his vast wasteland speech of 45 years ago where he said, "The power of instantaneous sight and sound is an awesome power. It has limitless capabilities for good...Is there anyone in this room who doesn't think we can do better?"

This challenge will be examined by the best minds and most powerful players in the media world. It's time we all take a strong look at what the impact of media is on our kids as they move beyond primetime into a 24/7 media saturated world.