It's Time To Stop Giving President Trump A "Chance"

Remember after Donald Trump won the election and some people said, "give him a chance," well that time has come and gone. In just ten days Donald Trump has systematically upended what it means to be American and has somehow alienated most of the world.

His apparent hardon for executive orders is beginning to look a lot like the orders of a dictator, and unfortunately the situation at airports around the country isn't making optics any better. The Muslim Ban has just been signed into law, the Mexican border wall is happening, and the rest of the world is taking notice.

Let's remember that this is a President who set out to argue about the size of his inauguration crowd during his first televised interview as POTUS. We're dealing with an administration peddling "alternative facts" that treats the media like an opposition party. This sort of stuff is "unpresidented."

Chris Lawrence agrees that it's time to stop giving President Trump a chance. It's beyond the time to be open-minded. Within ten days this administration has screwed over large chunks of the country and positions the United States to strengthen those at the top. "The people" have been left behind.

It's time to stop giving President Trump a chance. It's time to join the resistance.