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It's Time to Stop the NRA

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As I listen to the news of the horror that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I'm terrified at the irony that only a couple days prior, both chambers of the Michigan legislature passed a National Rifle Association-backed bill to make it permissible for gun owners to carry handguns into schools, day care centers, stadiums and even churches. Amazingly, Republicans described the measure as being "pro-public safety" because it would, supposedly, allow a gun owner to be an "asset" to public safety officials during violent situations?

Really? How completely ignorant does a person have to be to actually believe that nonsense -- other than Republicans in the Michigan Legislature? It wasn't that long ago that the majority of Americans would consider it abhorrent for anyone to carry a weapon into a school. How did Republicans so grotesquely lose their sanity in their immoral effort to satisfy the gun lobby? How did they lose sight of what's truly the most important thing in every American's life -- the health and safety of our children?

What more needs to happen? How many more innocent lives need to be lost and how many families need to face such overwhelming tragedies before this nation finally tells the NRA to kiss its collective ass!

The NRA is on one mission, to eliminate any barrier for any person to own and carry firearms. Thanks to the NRA, it has become entirely too easy for even the most unstable person to gain access to a gun. The NRA has wielded too much political power for way too long. It's time for that to change.

America needs to restrain gun access and ownership in this nation, period. The media needs to do its job to give voice to this important debate. And lawmakers need to show real political courage and face down the NRA now! Otherwise, insane laws like the one that was just passed in Michigan will ensure that tragedies like Sandy Hook will become increasingly common. How many more innocent lives need to be lost? One life is one too many.

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