Get Started With Your Branded YouTube Channel

Do you know that video content gets a greater percentage of clicks than other online content? Since it is projected that within a year, much of the content shared online will be video, now is the best time to develop a plan to promote your small business using "how-to" videos. Since YouTube is the second largest web search platform, it is a no brainer that you should invest in a branded YouTube channel to market your small business.

In June 2013, YouTube converted all accounts to its new One Channel feature. One Channel is a new format that allows users to organize videos in tagged shelves on their pages. Users can also customize their active feeds. YouTube's goal is to enable channel owners to organize videos and playlists to best fit their marketing strategy. The video giant introduced the platform this past spring. What can you do now to take advantage of the new YouTube feature? Set up your new profile and switch to One Channel before the mandatory conversion. (Remember what Facebook's mandatory switch to timelines was like?) Here's how to get started with your new One Channel page.

Organize Your Content: To leverage YouTube, you must focus on small details. Metadata should be at the top of your priority list. Each video should have a compelling title along with searchable tags and a description of your content. Mastering your metadata information will help you build views as well as index your content.

Consider the Overall Layout of Your Channel:  Make sure your layout is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. YouTube has replaced their skin layout with a banner instead, that runs across the top of a profile. Make your mark on this channel with your logo so your branding is apparent.

Record a Trailer: A great way to pull in potential subscribers is with a captivating video trailer that will serve as an "ad" for your small business. This should give an overview of your channel, which also welcomes users to your page.

Thumbnails Are Important: Audiences who flock to videos are visual, so give them a visual cue. Make sure your thumbnails are well-framed, attractive and accurately represent your video content. A decent thumbnail will attract viewers.

Use Graphics and Annotations: Annotations are text overlays or full screen graphics that appear at various points during videos. These are great for highlighting important content and making lists onscreen in "how-to" videos. You always want to guide your audience to any calls to action or towards other content. Just remember; keep things neat and don't bombard your viewer!

Review Your Analytics: Pay attention to your YouTube analytics. Once you figure out how your channel is "working," you can give your audience more of what they want. YouTube displays the data behind your channel's viewership, subscribers, watch-time, audience retention, traffic sources and demographics. Channel users should review the analytics at least once monthly to see what content is connecting and what needs work. The channel analysis is an important upgrade that can help you leverage YouTube to its full potential.

Keep The Content Coming: You have to work hard to attract subscribers to your YouTube Channel. Post regularly to maintain your channel feed.  Tailor your feed to your specific audience needs by adjusting the share settings. You'll be able to actively promote new uploads to specific groups of subscribers. Set up a schedule and editorial calendar for your channel updates.

Have you created your new YouTube One Channel page to promote your small business?

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