It's time we REPEAL Senator Richard Burr!

It's time we REPEAL Senator Richard Burr!
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Senator Richard Burr is pandering to his right-wing conservative friends in Washington with the promise of repealing health care reform. On the campaign trail, he is pledging to allow health insurance companies to discriminate against those with preexisting conditions, prevent 32 million Americans from getting health care, and cripple your pocketbooks by banning thousands of dollars in tax credits.

I'm not going to let him get away it. Repeal reform? I say we repeal Burr!

This morning we launched a brand new website -- -- as a new central hub for North Carolinians who are sick and tired of Richard Burr's legendary failed leadership.

Burr was wrong when he sided with contractors instead of victims of sexual assault. He was wrong when he voted against extending unemployment benefits. He was wrong when he shut down the Armed Services Committee for his Republican colleagues -- and he's wrong right now!

I am not going to sit back and watch while Richard Burr tries to undo health care reform -- especially as we need to move onto other important issues like jobs and financial reform. That's why I'm running for U.S. Senate; because while Richard Burr is trying to repeal good legislation of the past, North Carolina needs a real United States Senator fighting to enact great legislation for our state's future.

The only way we can do that is to elect a new Senator -- and that's me.

But I need your help to win.

So come on over and join the thousands rejecting Burr by pledging to repeal him. If you don't live in the state -- feel free to pledge your help from afar by signing the petition as well.

Together, we can restore common sense leadership for Washington.

Together, we can fight back against Richard Burr -- and repeal him in November. Join us!

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