It's What You Don't See That Matters...or Doesn't!

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I happened to run across this video…The Kentucky All State Choir singing The National Anthem…a tradition they do each year at the Louisville Hyatt Regency, with the trademark balconies overlooking the atrium below.

What struck me the most went beyond the hauntingly beautiful performance of the choir… was the lack of seeing the singers.

Here, singing our National Anthem was a marvelous cacophony of voices…basically unseen…they could have been Episcopalians, Baptists, Jews, Presbyterians, Sikhs, Methodists, and embodied every color of the rainbow…from the palest of white skins to the darkest ebony…and it didn’t matter, they were singing as Americans, and the fact that they are not seen makes it particularly poignant to me. The message it so clearly sends to me is that it just doesn’t matter…not a whit.

Listen to this incredibly gorgeous performance…and sing along, you are a part of the team too…and by the way, I know when you will get a lump in your throat and you will have to fight back a tear.

As it should be...