Itty Bitty Baby Feng Shui

Since healthy babies are naturally a little bundle of energy the Feng Shui nursery aims to enrich and enhance that state as well.
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Shakespearean character Henry IV once lamented that "uneasy lies the head that wears a crown," but, with the fanfare and falderal surrounding the birth of the newest heir to the Brit thrown, I respectfully disagree. The head that wears the crown (or any other head that's recently crowned as well) can be oh so happy and healthy if the nursery has even the least little bit of itty bitty baby Feng Shui. Along with cuddles, hugs and dry diapers -- creating a supportive nursery environment offers any baby the best possible start in life.

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of arranging an environment to influence and impact one's life in opportunistic and positive ways by using colors that can uplift, fabrics that encourage growth as well as sounds that soothe and calm, and, yes, will coo too. These are all considered cornerstones of great itty bitty baby Feng Shui. After all designing an encouraging and enhancing atmosphere is one of the best ways to ensure that baby grows up to feel completely fulfilled in body, mind and spirit.

Now, since healthy babies are naturally a little bundle of energy the Feng Shui nursery aims to enrich and enhance that state as well. This philosophy says that the brighter the natural light in this room the better. Feng Shui also maintains that big furniture is for big people and that the less furniture in this space the better. That's because creating a place that feels spacious is believed to instill and imbue a greater sense of awareness and self-confidence too. Speaking of confidence, Feng Shui also says that no matter where the crib or bassinet is placed is should never be pushed flush against one wall unless that wall is directly in back of baby's head. If the crib is pushed flush against a wall on one side, and the energy cannot circulate fully and circulate all around it, chances are very high that the aforementioned baby's head will more times than not end up in the parental bed with the rest of the restless baby body too. According to this ages-old tradition, the idea place to put a crib is at a diagonal to the door with the headboard only against a wall. Another tip that is taught in order to calm colicky or even overly active wee ones is to position their cribs so that their heads face the north. Although this may do nothing to quiet them during the day, it is believed to help their nights be tranquil and still.

And we know the theory behind developing visual development by hanging a black, white and red mobile over baby's crib, but, Feng Shui says that a healthy sense of coordination and one of exploration as well can be instilled by hanging metallic wind chimes instead. This tradition highly encourages metal chimes to be hung not over the crib, but, instead, in front of nearby window so that the tinkling sound can also help to simulate healthy nursery energies while additionally perking baby's curiosity as well. This philosophy strongly discourages hanging anything directly over or placing anything directly under the crib.

The colors that are used in this room are also said to have a profound effect on budding baby personalities and temperaments too. For instance, according to Feng Shui, the color red is very stimulating and inspires high levels of activity as well. Although using red can spark an inclination towards learning more, it's best used in playrooms or other spaces where accelerated levels of activity are encouraged. Rather, pinks and pastels provide and promote a healthier sense of curiosity while also allowing for quiet and calm. Yellows also encourage cheerfulness and a sense of connectedness. The color of sunlight, an earthy yellow however can increase aggravation with a sensitive or colicky baby and should be avoided. Light greens and blues represent nature and growth and heaven too. These two colors, blue and green, used exclusively or together, are said to be the absolute best hues to use for every stage of a child's growth. Green inspires mental development while blue induces calm. Violet encourages independence and promotes a steadfast personality and is considered the optimal palette to please either a physically or an emotionally challenged baby.

If sleep (or lack thereof) is an issue, there are other tips from this pantheon of ancient wisdom that will address that ages-old dilemma. Feng Shui (and many other holistic traditions) tell that diffusing a balanced blend of six drops each of pure lavender and pure chamomile essential oils into the nursery at night will provide not only a pleasing scent but will calm and quiet baby too. Of course that same blend can be added to a quarter cup of olive oil and massaged on the bottom of baby's feet to get that same serenity producing support. The trick here is to massage from sole to toes in flat, firm strokes. This will appease the autonomic nervous system and will pacify a persnickety little one. There is also a tried and true tradition that says that seas salt will absorb excess energy (and negativity too!) from a room the same way that table salt absorbs water. Therefore, putting a small bowl of sea salt somewhere in the nursery will also help to pepper that same space with tranquility too. Of course, smooth textures and fabrics such as cotton or even velvet are also believed to bring calm and quiet and restful slumber as well. Silky textures on the other hand tend towards promoting activity and excitement, - the antithesis to a good night's sleep. Now, being the mom to a now healthy and grown but once unhappy and colicky kid myself, I found this next tip absolutely invaluable and powerfully effective too. To help calm parental rattled nerves while quelling baby's cries and concerns, try swaddling and then cuddling the baby in the north of the room facing south. This is considered the direction of inner peace and, according to Feng Shui is said to allow you to exploring new and inspirational ideas. I don't know about that last part but I do know that it helped me. As did wine. But that's another article for another time.

If at all possible never keep dirty diapers piling up in the nursery. I think that the explanation for this is fairly self evident. If a diaper pail is the choice of diaper disposal then always keep a lid on it. A few drops of orange essential oil put inside the pail will not only help to mask unpleasant odors but will also lift baby's spirits and mood too. A twofer.

And, now, a three-fer. Mirrors, wind chimes and crystals when placed in a nursery all accomplish the same energy supportive effect - they keep the environment positive and encourage energies to flow freely. Mirrors are often called "the aspirin of Feng Shui" because of the myriad and many uses they have according to this modality. They are, therefore, also considered highly useful in the nursery too. Not only do they enhance natural light, but, as aforementioned, they also help to circulate positive and supportive energy. And research has now shown that mirrors can help to stimulate a baby's social development too. The best mirrors are the ones purposefully placed within the baby's line of vision - so, then, unbreakable, low and against a wall is ideal placement. Now because Feng Shui has a dictate that says that mirrors, for anyone of any age, should always reflect the entire head, the one that baby is looking into should aspire to that same assignation. In this tradition, reflections symbolize abundance and if a mirror can be positioned to reflect both caregiver and baby as well. The wee one will feel twice the love too.

Wood is the most recommended material for furnishing a nursery because it is a symbol of life and growth, but, actually, having symbols of the Five Feng Shui Elements in any nursery will bring balance and harmony as well as some other fine qualities and characteristics too. For instance, light is considered a representative of the element of fire and is therefore also believed to influence emotions. Soft lighting in a nursery is always preferred as is a night-light kept on during darker hours.

Plants, specifically bamboo, represent the element of wood which is believed to influence and develop a healthy sense of wonder and faith while also allowing baby to develop a good sense of self-confidence too. Place any plant with smooth and rounded leaves or a few stalks of bamboo anywhere in baby's room. Of course, goes without saying that plants or bowls of salt or anything that can be tipped or spilled and make a mess should be kept out of baby's reach.

And speaking of plants, soil symbolizes earth which is said to impact baby's sense of security. Therefore, in order to help baby grow up grounded, keep the plant in a clay or earthenware pot. Silver symbolizes metal which is said to favorably impact ambition. Keep anything silver (a baby comb perhaps?) in the nursery to keep the elemental energies balanced and harmonious.

Lastly, fish are said to symbolize water, the element believed to have an influence on both baby's destiny and their wisdom too. A stuffed fish can keep baby tranquil and amused while attracting the aforementioned knowledge and luck.

In this day and techno age I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Feng Shui 'Rule of Four.' This 'rule' says that there should be no more than four electrical devices in the nursery. These could be the monitor, the night-light, a standing lamp and a music player of some sort. They should also be, each of them, kept at least four feet from the crib as the electromagnetic fields created by such devices can cause disharmony and disquiet in an environment that should otherwise be a peaceful and positive one.

Now, in the case that you were wondering what to get for Kate and William and their brand new bundle of joy, here are some suggestions from the world of Feng Shui that guarantee to make any baby the luckiest one in the whole wide world. This tradition says that gifting the wee one with a red shirt (or onesie) will strengthen the baby's developing immune system while additionally acclimating their energies from womb to room. Ancient custom holds that this shirt doesn't ever even need to be worn, but, rather, could be placed in the Feng Shui 'Children's' area of the home or in that same space in the nursery too. To locate this same space, separate the hour or room into a tic-tac-toe board and find the 'Children' arena in the middle or center of the right-hand wall. This exercise and item is believed to bring baby big fortunes and lots of luck and, most importantly, is said to support a healthy and joy-filled atmosphere.

Or you could send little bonnet Boy George a small little crystal to hang in his nursery window. Feng Shui says that hanging a small crystal in the window of a child's room will invite more positive energies, playfulness, happiness and peace into that same space. This kiddie 'crystal cure' is also believed to be best suited for attracting kindness and warmth, stability and serenity to both the child and their sleeping space.

According to this philosophy, burning a white and rounded candle on any of the first seven days of baby's life (or on any birthday and for the six days that follow that celebration) will ward off accident, injury, illness and disease. This wisdom of the ages maintains that the fire from this light will burn away energies that could cause sickness so that only protection from illness will prevail.

And, so, it is said that practicing any or all of this itty bitty baby Feng Shui will help baby to grow and embrace the Feng Shui 'Three Great Blessings' of Health, Happiness and Prosperity with a healthy dose of laughter and luck attached.

The End. And the beginning. Of a brand new beautiful life.