iTunes Match: New Music Feature Announced By Apple

Apple Announces iTunes Match

The "one more thing" at today's WWDC 2011 Apple press conference was iTunes Match.

After presenting on the long-awaited iCloud, Steve Jobs introduced iTunes Match, which will scan your computer for music including MP3s and match it up with songs in the iTunes store.

"We give that music the same benefits as music purchased in iTunes," Jobs said.

iTunes Match will cost $24.99 per year, regardless of how many songs you upload and "match." Apple compared the new feature to music services at Amazon and Google (see those comparions here).

iTunes Match could be abused though. TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotis wrote, "So Apple's basically betting you'll pay $25 a month to legalize all your content. Or pay $25 a month for the unlimited ability to pirate music."

Mark Prigg, a tech journalist in London, added, "iTunes match means Apple can finally lock your entire music collection into iTunes - very clever."

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