ITV World Cup Commercial Mistake (VIDEO): Broadcaster MISSES England's One Goal, Airs Commercial Instead

World Cup viewers watching Britain's ITV HD channel missed seeing England's only goal in Saturday's game against the U.S. because of an ill-timed commercial, reports Yahoo Sports blog Dirty Tackle.

Less than four minutes into the match, Britian's oldest commercial television broadcaster interrupted the feed for its HD viewers with a World Cup-themed commercial for Hyundai.

The mistake was just 22 seconds long, but long enough to miss England's Steven Gerrard score the team's only goal of its 1-1 draw against the U.S.

The Daily Mail reports that ITV host Adrian Chiles apologized to HD viewers after the network was slammed by angry viewers on Facebook and Twitter.

On Sunday, ITV's web site touted a recap of yesterday's plays, "Watch video highlights as England share the spoils with USA in Rustenburg."

Watch the broadcaster's mistake: