Male Soccer Players Share Kiss After Win -- And Apparently People Need Answers About It

After clinching a Europa League title on Wednesday, two European soccer players sealed the victory with a kiss.

The gesture between Ivan Rakitic and Daniel Carrico, who play for Spain's Sevilla soccer club, spurred a slew of reactions. While some compared the embrace to the "passionate" kiss shared between recent NFL draft pick Michael Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, others concluded that the gesture was just a form of celebration.

For the record, here's a photo of Carrico (left) and Rakitic celebrating with another kiss:

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ivan rakitic daniel carrico

Team captain Rakitic later went on the record to clarify that what happened.

"He wanted to give me a kiss on my face, it turned out that way and the cameras just happened to catch it. It was just luck that it turned out that way, what do you want me to do?'" the midfielder explained, according to The Associated Press.

So, despite the fanfare, it seems this kiss is just another example of two athletes brushing lips while congratulating each other.

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