Ivana Trump's Ex Calls Don Jr., Ivanka And Eric 'Disgusting' And 'Scum'

Rossano Rubicondi, who divorced but still dated the president's first wife, singled out Donald Jr. as "an idiot."

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Rossano Rubicondi, the former husband of Donald Trump’s first wife, said he remains friendly with Ivana Trump, but doesn’t have the same warm feelings toward her offspring with the president.

In fact, Rubicondi told Page Six this week that he thought Donald Trump Jr.Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump were “disgusting” and described them as “scum.”

Whatever the 47-year-old Italian actor’s abilities as a judge of character, it’s possible his opinion is affected by his latest breakup with Ivana.

Rubicondi was briefly married to Ivana from 2008 to 2009 ― some 17 years after her divorce from The Donald dominated tabloid headlines. After their own divorce, Ivana and Rubicondi decided to date.

Recently, however, Ivana, 70, said she’d turned the on-again, off-again relationship off for good, telling Page Six: “I am once again a single woman. I have the freedom to do what I want, with whomever I want to, and I can afford my lifestyle.”

Page Six diligently contacted Rubicondi for his side and he confirmed the breakup, adding that he had “good respect” for his ex.

As for Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric? Not so much. 

“In regards for the rest of the family, I am not [a] big a fan of it. They have been rude to me,” he said.

Rubicondi insisted that he never touched a dime of the Trump fortune but added, “These people are all about money. They don’t have a heart. They are garbage.”

He singled out the president’s oldest son and wanted to make sure the reporter quoted him accurately. Per Page Six:

“Don Jr. is an idiot. He’s a jerk,” and instructed us, “Put it down: ‘You are a jerk.’ Put it in capital letters!”

He added: “They are nobody . . . They are disgusting. We are talking about kids who are so stupid, except Ivanka.”

Rubicondi raged on, “They are a piece of scum. Before they say anything about me, I will wash their mouth out with soap! They are disgrace for human being.”

HuffPost reached out to the three Trump siblings, none of whom immediately responded.



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