Chinese Plastic Surgeons Offer To Transform Patients Into Ivanka Trumps

She softens the Trump harsh, says a gushing Chinese newspaper.

Fancy yourself as the president’s daughter? You might at least be able to look ... a bit ... like Ivanka Trump if you fork out big bucks and go under the knife — in China. A Chinese plastic surgery operation is promising to make the transformation now that it has a trademark Ivanka business name.

The Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management Company does it all: eye and nose surgery, liposuction and breast enlargement. But its specialty will be turning out more Ivankas. (“Yiwanka” is a transliteration of the Chinese characters for Ivanka’s name, pronounced ee-wank-a.)

“No doubt young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, her pretty nose and lips and her flawless figure,” Li Yunxing, a spokesman for the company in southeast China told The Washington Post.

Though the Chinese might be tough on Donald Trump, they’re soft on the first daughter. China’s English-language newspaper The Global Times has declared that Ivanka balances her dad’s “harsh posture.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Marc Mani tells People magazine that Ivanka Trump has a face that appeals to some Chinese standards of beauty with her small chin, cheekbones that aren’t too pronounced, a heart-shaped face and large eyes.

It’s also appealing to Americans. A Houston plastic surgeon told USA Today that Ivanka Trump is the new “style icon” for nip-and-tuck makeovers. One woman went under the knife for six hours and forked over $30,000 to edge a bit closer to the Ivanka look.

“I was very much interested in the election, and that’s when I started thinking she was pretty,” said the patient, who particularly liked Ivanka’s nose, cheeks — and breasts.

The Chinese plastic surgery business was one of hordes of operations — from a wrinkle cream manufacturer to a coffee company — that filed 258 applications with China’s Trademark Office the last two months of 2016 with the name Ivanka, Ivanka Trump or something similar, the Post reported. 

Ivanka Trump has nine trademarks in China of her own, with 26 applications pending that include clothing, skin care products and umbrellas.

The Chinese government recently provisionally approved 38 trademarks for President Trump, raising anew concerns about conflicts of interest for businessman Trump receiving benefits from China while he is in charge of foreign policy as president.