Ivanka Trump’s Spin On Her Dad’s COVID-19 Failings Backfires

Donald Trump’s daughter said her father had taken “unprecedented” actions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic when others were “not taking it seriously."

Ivanka Trump faced backlash after she tried to spin the narrative on her father’s devastating mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

During a campaign event Monday in Las Vegas, Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser claimed that the president had taken “unprecedented” action at the start of the public health crisis “when most people, except through the lens of revisionist history” were “not taking it seriously, on the Hill or elsewhere.”

Twitter users begged to differ.

Some critics reminded Ivanka Trump of how her father had privately acknowledged the “deadly” threat posed by COVID-19 during taped interviews with journalist Bob Woodward in early February while repeatedly downplaying the virus in public.

Other detractors highlighted how seriously the coronavirus had been taken in its early stages by other countries around the world and by former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s rival in the 2020 election.

The president was hospitalized on Oct. 3 for three days after contracting the coronavirus. White House physician Sean Conley on Monday said Trump was no longer infectious to others, allowing him to host a rally in Florida.

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