Ivanka Trump’s Plea To Now ‘Move Forward In A Positive Way’ Goes Awry

"You. Called. Them. Patriots," one Twitter user hit back at President Donald Trump's daughter and adviser.

Ivanka Trump faced accusations of hypocrisy for her farewell message in which she expressed hope that Americans can now find a positive way to move forward.

Twitter users were not buying the statement released on the social media platform Tuesday afternoon by President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser, hours before President-elect Joe Biden took office.

“I hope and believe that America can move forward in a positive way, acknowledge our differences and find common ground — that is how we will remain the greatest nation,” wrote Ivanka Trump.

Critics reminded the outgoing president’s daughter that she initially described the U.S. Capitol rioters as “American Patriots” before deleting the tweet. Others recalled her father’s violent and divisive rhetoric, and cruel policies that she enabled via her position in the White House.