Stiff Breeze Turns Ivanka Trump’s Dress Into Fodder For Fashion Police

Twitter users mock the first daughter after a well-timed breeze gave her dress a bizarre makeover.

A stiff breeze gave Ivanka Trump’s unusual dress a sudden makeover during a visit to Colombia this week.

Trump, the daughter of and adviser to President Donald Trump, wore the $1,650 “Follow the Drums” dress, which was designed by Johanna Ortiz. According to W Magazine, Ortiz ― who is from Colombia ― is “known for gravity-defying designs.”

But you can’t defy nature, and a good breeze caused the dress to flare up around Trump as she met Colombia Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez and the country’s defense minister, Guillermo Botero:

Guillermo Legaria Schweizer via Getty Images

The unusual design ― and the flare-up caused by the breeze ― brought armchair fashion critics out in force:

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