Ivanka Trump: I Said No To Anna Wintour's Job Offer (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump: I Said No To Anna Wintour's Job Offer (VIDEO)

"Good Morning America" talked to 27-year-old Ivanka Trump this morning about her parents' divorce, her move from runway model to real estate executive, and her new projects including a jewelry line and book, The Trump Card. In it, Ivanka gives advice for a young person's first few career moves. At the end of the interview she recalls a job offer she received right before college graduation:

[Anna Wintour] very graciously inquired as to what I was planing to do after graduation and offered me a position at Vogue, which to any girl -- even if you're not particularly interested in fashion -- and as life would have it, I ended up starting a jewelry collection and [Anna]'s been an amazing supporter...but it never occurred to me to take the job because of my focus.

Ivanka also mentioned her upcoming wedding to Jared Kushner and flashed her six-carat engagement ring.


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