Ivanka Trump Stops At A Starbucks, Continuing Her 'Just Like Us' Tour

Now we know her code name for ordering coffee.

Ivanka Trump is doing her best to assure Americans she’s just like us.

Just days after wearing a $35 Target dress to a White House event, the special advisor to President Donald Trump was spotted picking up her own covfefe coffee at the Dupont North Starbucks in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

HuffPost reached out to Dupont North Starbucks to confirm, but the employees would not comment on who they served this morning.

As Twitter user Yung_Ina_Garten so aptly put it, “Ivanka is just like us!”

Considering her brothers announced a new budget hotel chain on Tuesday, it looks like the Trumps are trying to appear a little more relatable.

According to Buzzfeed reporter Ellie Hall, who also saw her at Starbucks, Ivanka ordered a “non-fat vanilla latte w/o whipped cream” and reportedly used the name “Iva.”

Hall also gave a rundown of her encounter with Ivanka on Twitter:

People on Twitter could not get over the idea of Ivanka getting her own coffee:

But back at Trump Tower, it looks like Ivanka used to get her own coffee every so often:

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