Ivanka Trump’s Tree-Planting Boast Is Chopped Down By Angry Twitter Users

Critics questioned the timing -- and sincerity -- of a post by Donald Trump's daughter.

Critics on Twitter accused Ivanka Trump of greenwashing her father’s anti-environment administration after she expressed her support for a global conservation initiative.

Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser tweeted Thursday she was “proud to support” the president’s signing of an executive order forming the United States One Trillion Trees Interagency Council as part of the World Economic Forum’s project to plant 1 trillion trees worldwide by 2030.

The issue of whether the mass planting of trees actually benefits the environment notwithstanding, Ivanka Trump was fiercely criticized for the Trump White House’s attack on green issues. The president has embraced fossil fuels and has pursued an anti-environment agenda, rolling back dozens of rules aimed at protecting natural resources.

Other detractors were skeptical about the timing of the announcement ― less than a month before the 2020 election ― and suggested it was only a cynical ploy to appeal to voters concerned about the environment.

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