'Ivanktionary' Trends As Ivanka Trump Continues To Define Things Her Own Way

"The Daily Show" started the hashtag and paired it with satirical graphics of the first daughter.

On Wednesday, “The Daily Show” created the hashtag #Ivanktionary to underscore just how absurd first daughter Ivanka Trump’s recent statements have been.

That morning, Trump said in an interview with CBS’ Gayle King: “If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit.”

That statement naturally received a lot of backlash and commentary, most notably from Merriam-Webster, who properly defined the word complicit for her.

In “The Daily Show” Twitter crusade to make #Ivanktionary happen, the show created cheeky graphics with Trump’s face accompanied by Ivanka-esque quotes that may or may not be factually accurate (i.e., they’re most definitely satire). 

That last one is particularly prescient, given that Ivanka’s father publicly backed Bill O’Reilly amid sexual assault allegations lodged against the television host. Critics have come out against Ivanka to scold her over her silence on the matter, as she claims that she and her father are advocates for women.

Other Twitter users have chimed in with their own additions to the #Ivanktionary:

The only question left is: What will Ivanka define on her own terms next?



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