I've Been Thinking About You

The one text that all of us want to hear.

You went out with somebody.

You go home. You're tossing and turning in your bed.

The highlights of the evening are on playback in your mind -- over and over again.

You can not believe how well you connected with him.

The things he said to you moved your heart, moved you like you haven't been moved in a long time.

You wake up the next morning after a restless night and you're still thinking of him.

You have flashbacks throughout the day, something he said, something he did, the way he looked at you.

And then a day later it happens again. You can't stop thinking about him.

What is it about him?

It's the feeling we're all looking for, it's the feeling of falling for someone.

We want to think about somebody, but most times we don't allow it, because it means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in our hearts.

If you're afraid to be heart vulnerable, it means that you need to open up more.

Opening up means acknowledging that you can't control anything.

If you allow your heart and mind to connect and talk, you realize the person you just met, is totally different than anyone you've met in a long time.

It's that feeling we get when we first meet somebody we're going to fall in love with.

What an amazing and beautiful feeling and it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it scares the shit out of us.

We get scared, we freak out, we think to ourselves, "are they thinking the same thing?" And "What are they thinking?"

And we start to shut down a little bit because as human beings, because what we crave the most scares us the most.

And then, all of a sudden... coming into your phone, is the text that you've been waiting for...

"I've been thinking about you. I can't get you out of my mind."

At that moment, the two of you are connecting on a deeper level. It's that moment that the magic starts to happen. The magic that we're all craving, all desiring, and all wanting. It's the magic that scares us the most.

To fall in love you need to be open, you need to have no outcome in mind, you just need to put it out there. Whether or not it works all depends on how vulnerable you allow yourself to become.

At this moment, we often play out a story. You create a story about somebody else you met the same way, felt the same things and didn't work out. But the person standing in front of you, that very man that you've been craving and desiring, is brand new in your life. And you shouldn't punish yourself for what's happened with other guys.

You need to create a new story. The story of you and him. You need to focus on the present moment. You need to review and renew and think about the moments you two shared. These are the moments when you start falling in love.

So the next time this happens. The next time you go out on a date that and you can't get them out of your mind, allow yourself to feel that. There's no guarantee in life, but love comes to people who open up.

Love comes to people who allow. Love comes to people who don't over think.

Acknowledge the old beliefs and let them go. The old beliefs got you the old results. This story that's unfolding right now is your new story.

It's the story of you and him, of a boy and a girl, a man and a woman.

Don't dwell on the past, don't think about who wounded you in the past, don't think about anything. Stay present, stay focused, open your heart, be vulnerable, and watch results happen for you that have never happened before.

I've been thinking about you.

The question is, what are you going to do with that statement?