IVFML Season 2, Episode 3: LGBTQ Family Building As A Transgender Parent

This IVFML episode follows one family's IVF journey while they navigate the transition process at the same time.

In the third episode of IVFML, Shea and Sienna Gilliam tell the story of how they met, fell in love and decided to start building a family. When Shea comes out as transgender, Sienna has difficult choices to make about whether she should stay with her and whether to continue pursuing parenthood. 

Trystan Reese, director of Family Formation at the Family Equality Council, joins the episode to talk about the barriers that LGBTQ people face when it comes to infertility treatments and acceptance of their families. 

Listen to Episode 3 of IVFML Becoming Family below. 

IVFML Becoming Family is produced and edited by Anna Almendrala, Simon Ganz, Nick Offenberg and Sara Patterson. Send us an email at