<i>Village Voice</i> Offers Field Guide To The Cartoon Denizens Of The Right-Wing Blogosphere

Offers Field Guide To The Cartoon Denizens Of The Right-Wing Blogosphere

The Village Voice is offering their readers a field-guide to the leading lights on the righty side of the political blogosphere, in a feature brimming with cheek and packed with essential information. Among the profiled are James "The Bleat" Lileks, Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds, various Powerline luminaries, Little Green Footballs' Charles Johnson, National Review's Jonah Goldberg, and eponymous blogger Michelle Malkin.

Writer Roy Edroso goes into detail, listicle/outline style, specifying their 2008 candidate of choice, their overall "modus operandi," and a "Stupid/Evil ratio" (rating Goldberg at 90/10, which is highly complimentary). Edroso's most interesting observations are the occasions where certain bloggers' tone changed from the triumphalism of the 2004 election to the deflation of the 2006 backlash that brought the Democrats to power. Best of all, however, is the wonderful collection of blogging-head renderings by Tom Tomorrow, all of which capture these bloggers in their natural state of pure dumbfoundment with reality.

In the spirit of ecumenicalism, I should point out that Lileks' writings in his "Institute Of Official Cheer" offer a hilarity that can be enjoyed by everyone on the political spectrum. Additionally, I'm a little surprised at the inclusion of libertarian blogger Megan McArdle. It may be that there's something in the coffee they serve at The Atlantic that helps to maintain a convivial, good-natured atmosphere, but there is evidence that McArdle plays well with others. Additionally, DC-based blogger and famed "Flophouse" resident Kriston Capps takes issue with the Voice's profile of McArdle, saying, "the Village Voice numbers the split on Megan McArdle as 60-percent stupid, 40-percent evil. This is an error. McMegan is 0-percent stupid and refuses to do good, a distinction and a difference."

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