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'Jones Boys' Triplets Choose Which Ivy League University To Call Home

Three D.C. brothers are deciding which Ivy League institution they will attend next fall.

The "Jones Boys" triplets, Malik, Ahmed and Kahlil, are considering which university they're headed to following their graduation from Georgetown Day School. The brothers credit their parents and their own inter-sibling competition for their outstanding academic success. "If one of them can accomplish something, then without a doubt, I can definitely do it, too," Malik told NBC Washington reporter Zachary Kiesch.

NBC Washington reports that the terrific trio boasts a stellar uniform 3.7 GPA and that the brothers all scored within points of each other on the SAT. That academic standing has allowed the happy threesome the decision between Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Khalil, Malik and Ahmed join the ranks of an impressively large group of incoming black Ivy League students this spring, including teens like Kwasi Enin, Avery Coffey and Akintunde Ahmad, each of whom have been accepted to at least three Ivy League institutions. Harvard has also seen a record-breaking number of black students admissions this year. All of these stories have helped push forward the discussion of affirmative action, of which the Supreme Court recently upheld a ban in Michigan public schools.

Wherever they go, these three brothers have a very bright future ahead of them.

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