Iyanla Vanzant Shows Troubled 'Love & Hip Hop' Couple How Their Son Views Their Fights (VIDEO)

Rapper and actor Saigon and his on-again-off-again love Erica Jean have had a volatile relationship, which has played out on VH1's "Love & Hop Hop: New York." From vulgar name-calling to physical altercations, the couple's outrageous behavior has been on public display, even occurring in front of their young son, Steven.

For the sake of co-parenting, both Saigon and Erica sought help from relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant. When she sat down with the reality stars, Iyanla gave them an eye-opening lesson in what happens when Steven sees their fights. After producers showed Iyanla a fight captured during taping of "Iyanla: Fix My Life," she decided to play the video for Saigon and Erica to see. In the video, young Steven is sitting on his father's lap while Saigon and Erica have at it.

"Look at your energy. [Steven] is looking at you," Iyanla said to Erica, before turning to Saigon. "And what do you think he's thinking, on your lap, looking at his mother?"

"He's seeing something is wrong," Saigon said, watching the tape.

Iyanla went deeper. "He could be thinking, 'This is how you talk to a woman,'" she pointed out. "'Even my mother...' And you know what else he could be thinking, beloveds? 'I'm not enough for these two people, and there's no way they could love me and behave this way.'"

Saigon and Erica were quiet for a moment. With their son at the forefront, the two continued to work with Iyanla during the episode to figure out how they could come together for Steven's sake. However, despite experiencing several breakthroughs and introspection during "Iyanla: Fix My Life," the wounds ran too deep and the anger proved too difficult to reconcile. After the show, Erica agreed that Saigon would get more time with Steven, but several heated arguments left the two no longer on speaking terms.

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