Izabella Oniciuc, 6-Month-Old Baby, Already Potty Trained (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Potty Trained At 6-Months-Old

Some parents can only dream of having their baby potty trained at 6 months, but for Finn and Raluca Oniciuc, it's a reality.

Their 6-month-old daughter Izabella simply says "boo boo" when she has to go to the bathroom. Her parents then lift her onto the potty, the Sun reports.

In addition to using the potty, Izabella has also developed sounds to signify hunger.

"Babies are not stupid. I speak to Izabella the way I speak to adults, not in baby talk," Raluca told the Daily Express. "I think she responds well to everything because I’ve listened to her from birth.”

Izabella's mastery might be uncommon among children her age, but her father, Finn, says playing Mozart to their daughter while she was still in the womb helped with her early development, according to the Sun.

Although some children start potty training at age 2, others don't catch on until a bit later, according to the Mayo Clinic. But the center tells parents not to worry if the process take a while, since the task relies on a child's "physical and emotional readiness."

Still, certain groups are proponents of infant potty training, saying it helps babies bond with their parents.

Diaper Free Baby, a nonprofit group, encourages parents to tune into their child's needs by providing "cue sounds and elimination-place associations."

Lamelle Ryman spoke to The New York Times about the process in 2005, after using the method on her then 7-month-old daughter, Neshama.

"I feel like it's been such a gift in our relationship," Ryman told the Times.

But while the practice of infant potty training is common in other countries including India, Kenya and Greenland, some western doctors urge parents to stay away from potty training their children within the first 12 months because it might lead to bedwetting at a later age, according to the Times.

For more on Izabella Oniciuc's story, click over to the Daily Express.

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