J.K. Rowling Says Harry Potter's Story Is Done With The Release Of 'Cursed Child'

“This is the next generation, you know.”

It’s over.

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling said the boy wizard’s story is finally complete.

Harry is done now,” she told the media in London at the premiere of the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” according to Reuters.

“He goes on a very big journey during these two plays and then, yeah, I think we’re done,” she was quoted as saying. “This is the next generation, you know.”

The two-part play, staged to be seen on either the same day or over consecutive days, depicts the beloved character as an adult with a child of his own.

As it premiered on stage, the script was issued in book form around the world. Many bookstores hosted midnight release parties over the weekend, just as they did in the heady days of Pottermania.

While Harry’s story may be “done,” Potter fans still have plenty to look forward to. The play, written by Jack Thorne from a story by Rowling, may not be limited to London.

I’d love it to go wider than that,” Rowling said, according to The Guardian. “I’d like as many Potter fans to see it as possible.”

The wizarding world is also heading back to the big screen in November with “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them,” the first in what’s expected to be a trilogy.

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