J. Wakefield Is The Best Brewery in South Florida

Saying this is almost sacrilegious among beer aficionados, especially since legitimately a dozen awesome local breweries exist, but I'm going to say it, no SCREAM IT:

J Wakefield Brewery is no doubt hands down with no disrespect to anyone else the best brewery in all South Florida.

That's right.

Not just Wynwood but all South Florida.

Allow for some qualification.

Other factors than good beer go into this distinction.

Part of JWB's awesomeness is location, nice and nestled on narrow 24th street, Wynwood, next to Gramps, in an open air, vaulted ceiling, super ventilated and air conditioned room.

In addition, there's something to say about breweries that make their beer on site but keep the huge metal containers hidden in a back room not seen by the public.

It's humbling.

Don't see a lot of humble in Miami.

Part of JWB is the decor, immediately familiar and friendly with its comic con display of Star Wars themed art mixed w local graphic novel and Marvel illustrator Jeff Dukal prints and a Louie Valle mural.

Promoting local and talented dudes. That's what's up.

Part of JWB is also the friendly and hard working non-judging bar staff making you feel comfortable. They got this not too-cool-for-school vibe you just melt into.

But most of all with J. Wakefield it's obviously the beer.

Mmmmmm beer....

J Wakefield beer is as fresh as a sunrise.

Crisp, clean, varied, affordable, forever revolving, with generous portions -- they are simply crushing it --or -- better yet-- simply pouring it.

My favorite is the El Jefe. It's the best hefeweizen I've ever drank.

It's so smooth almost buttery in texture and freshness.

And now they brought back the Harbinger.

The brew is a hazelnut coffee imperial sweet stout.

Oh. My. God. It's so fucking good!!

And they even made a special Art Basel bottle designed by my man Ahol Sniffs Glue.

This is what is meant by bringing the right people together.

I never even met J. Wakefield nor does writing this serve me.

I wrote this clip on my phone one recent night because I needed multiple beers.

The only criticism for J.W.B. is that they need to continue to connect more with local groups (cultural, political, environmental) to host more community events. Game night is cool but why not elevate the dialogue with more intelligent events. Especially midweek. Also, activate the front courtyard more. Make it comfy. Who knows? Maybe one day they can acquire the next door space of the fledgling Brisky gallery and truly blow the roof off the mother sucker.

But whatever.

At the end of the day, they make and serve really good beer.

And that's all that matters.

J. Wakefield is the best brewery in South Florida.


J Wakefield Brewing
120 Northwest 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 254-7779