Ja Rule's 'Fresh Out Da Pen' Ushers In Rapper's Post-Prison Comeback

Ja Rule Is 'Fresh Out Da Pen'

Roll out the welcome party -- Ja Rule is back. The rapper was released from a nearly two-year prison stint in May, and now he's returning to the rap scene in full force. So goes "Fresh Out Da Pen," the 37-year-old Murder Inc. alum's first single since 2011. As one may expect, Ja Rule isn't exactly in a jubilant mood on the new track, boasting that he has his "middle finger up." Thankfully his time behind bars hasn't limited his capacity as a pop-culture critic. "You gonna get this work, let me see you twerking like Miley," Ja raps.

"Fresh Out Da Pen" debuted Wednesday on HOT 97. "The wait is over!!!" Ja Rule announced on Twitter before the song's premiere. By Thursday morning, he was already beaming with pride over the reactions it's received.

Welcome back, Rule York.

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