'Baywatch' Hunk Jaason Simmons Recalls How His Co-Stars Reacted When He Came Out As Gay

"Baywatch" star Jaason Simmons recalled how he came out as gay to his co-stars during his run on the now-iconic NBC series, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

"Yeah, everybody knew. I just didn't speak about my private life," the Australian actor, who played Logan Fowler on the show, told TooFab's Brian Particelli in an interview. "I was in a relationship for the whole time, and they were all aware [of it] and it was fantastic. No issue."

That isn't to say that being the star of such a high-profile show didn't create some tension for Simmons, now 44.

"I was just focusing on trying to swim. I could swim, but not like I could save somebody," he said.

Does he miss his '90s 'do? "Absolutely not," he added with a laugh.

Simmons came out publicly in 2008 in an Australian newspaper, when he revealed plans to marry Irish actor John O’Callaghan. The couple are parents to a Ugandan boy whom they adopted in 2006.

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