Jacee Badeaux, 15, Could Be Next American Idol (VIDEO)

Fifteen-year-old newcomer Jacee Badeaux shocked judges when he sang a stirring version of Redding's classic '(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay' on American Idol on Thursday night in New Orleans.

Badeaux, who is a sophomore in high school in Lafayette, LA, was sporting a Bieber-like haircut for the second episode of Idol's 10th Season. Jennifer Lopez, one of the show's three judges, added that on top of being "so cute," Badeaux also had a "really, really beautiful" voice.

Badeaux won Fox44's Baton Rouge Idol in July 2010, and if he hangs on to that voice, he might be destined for much bigger things.

WATCH: (via Buzzfeed)

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