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This Is How To Turn Jack & Coke Into A Pie


Maybe it's an elementary drink; maybe it was the first cocktail your young self paid for at the bar. Despite, or perhaps because of its simplicity, Jack & Coke is a timeless, tasty beverage -- a no-fail order that'll do the trick time and time again.

Yes, it would be tough to mess up a Jack & Coke. Too strong in the spirit department? Add some Coke. Not enough buzz? Add some Jack. Easy as pie. Speaking of pie ... well let's just make a little transition to talk about the Jack & Coke pie, a near-inconceivable dessert concocted by blogger Oh Bite It.

This pie has a moist chocolate base accompanied by a fluffy whipped topping and, yes, a drizzle of Jack Daniel's caramel sauce. Holy hell -- it's a cuss-worthy recipe that takes away the pressure of deciding between an after-dinner drink or a dessert. Even the chocolate base has one third of a cup of Jack Daniel's. We are drunk in love with this pie. Host a little cocktail party and bring out this bad boy -- your reputation will skyrocket and your guests will dub you Party King or Queen for years to come. Get the recipe here.

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