Jack Black, America Ferrera Use Comedy to Help HCAN Unmask 'Liars for Hire'

Health insurance industry front groups and their allies are flooding the airwaves with political ads presenting false information about health reform and its supporters. Groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Crossroads and 60 Plus are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on political propaganda to mislead voters in advance of the November election. On the most important questions facing the country's future--the economy, energy, financial reform and health care--the anti-progressive myth-making machine is going at full tilt, fueled by mountains of campaign cash from unidentified sources.

To fight back, Jack Black, America Ferrera and a talented creative team collaborated with Health Care for America Now to make a video lampooning corporate liars for hire. The result is The Mis-Informant, a multi-part video about Nathan Spewman, a propagandist who stops at nothing--including going to a school to recruit young children to join his campaign of deception--to spread ridiculous lies for corporate clients who line his pockets with cash. HCAN will use the video to expose the unfounded attacks on the Affordable Care Act. We hope it's effective in shining the light on what is happening at a really disturbing moment in our political history.

Thanks to recent rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, anyone--big corporations, billionaires, foreign powers, even terrorists--is free to secretly donate to front groups that use the money to unleash lies on the public. America has been put up for sale to the highest bidder, and the mystery funders are putting excessive profits ahead of the needs of working families.

We hope The Mis-Informant inspires young people and others to participate in the Nov. 2 election, which is just as important as the last one and no less important than the next one.

A project by Health Care for America Now

Starring: Jack Black, America Ferrera and Caitlin Carmichael

Project Founder: Gloria Bremer

Executive Produced by: Gloria Bremer and Health Care for America Now

Co-Executive Produced by: Diane Keefe

Edited and Directed by: Jeremy Konner

Produced by: Andrew Epstein