Jack Black Calls On Hollywood To 'Talk More S**t' About Trump At The Oscars

He speaks for all of us.

Jack Black, for one, hopes to see a repeat of that powerful Golden Globes speech during the Oscars on Sunday. 

“Is Meryl Streep in the audience tonight?” Black asked an audience of celebrities at a benefit concert in Los Angeles on Thursday night, warming up the crowd before diving into a song from “School of Rock.” 

“I just hope she wins the Oscar and talks some more s**t about that asshole,” he added, with a reference to President Donald Trump that prompted cheers. The group assembled at Los Angeles’ No Name included director Paul Haggis, musicians Moby and Jenny Lewis, and actors Jeff Bridges, Rita Wilson and Jeremy Renner, per The Hollywood Reporter.

He added: “So, if she doesn’t win, to the winners in here, I hope you do the same, ya know?” 

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, that’s just liberals patting themselves on the back,’” Black said about the reaction to Streep’s comments, which inspired a couple tweets from the president himself

“I don’t agree. I thought it took balls. Thought she was very brave. I was very inspired by it. To get up there and tell the truth about the president of the United States in front of a billion people — that takes courage, and it’s very inspiring.”

Others in Hollywood wholeheartedly agreed

While host Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t seem keen on making a grand political statement, we can’t know what to expect from the night’s biggest winners. 

The Oscars will kick off with red carpet coverage on Sunday, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.



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