Jack Donaghy's Best Liz Lemon Insults From '30 Rock' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jack Donaghy's Best Liz Lemon Slams

There was a lot to love about "30 Rock," but the love/hate relationship between the polar-opposite Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon was what really made the show special.

During their first meeting, Jack introduced himself to Liz as "The new VP of development for NBC/GE/Universal/Kmart." Pete Hornberger, who was accompanying Liz, seemed surprised, "We own Kmart now?" After looking Liz up and down, Jack quipped, "No. So why are you dressed like we do?" And thus, Jack's first insult was recorded.

Now, hundreds of insults later, "30 Rock" has finally come to a close. In honor of the hilarious relationship between Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy, we've compiled Jack's best insults into the video above. Enjoy!

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