Jack... Is Back! Part II

Jack Bauer of 24 is back. And for those fans who may not know, it was a year ago this month that I wrote a HuffPost blog posted May 24, 2013 titled, "Jack... Is Back!" And within that blog I stated my wish of characters I've wanted back, immediately after it was announced the thriller series would continue beyond previous 24 Season 8 from 2010, titled 24: Live Another Day.

The following people beginning with former CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) analyst turned head of CTU New York near end of season eight; Chloe O'Brian, acted by Mary Lynn Rajskub; Audrey Raines, daughter of former Secretary of Defense James Heller; Kim Bauer, daughter of Jack; Dalia Hassan, wife of assassinated President of Kamistan Omar Hassan; Kayla Hassan, daughter of Omar and Dalia; followed by two men, Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce, and Morris O'Brian, husband of Chloe O'Brian; all of whom I wanted back. Yes, even though both Audrey Raines and Aaron Pierce were not in last season eight.

So far both Chloe O'Brian (and what a change), and Audrey Raines have both shown up from my wish list in last Monday's premiere two hour episode, and I'm delighted. That is so far.

Within last year's blog, I also mentioned that I would expect bringing back Audrey Raines may be tough. In fact, of the seven characters (five women and two men) on my wish list, bringing back Audrey Raines, acted by Kim Raver, may have been the toughest. After all, it was in season six when we've last seen her, reduced to a catatonic traumatized state after brutal mistreatment from the Chinese government. Such was the result after her prior steadfast devotion in seeking out Jack's whereabouts, who himself was abducted by the Chinese government at the very end of season five. I stated that it was a fate far worse than death for her. This especially left Jack guilt-ridden at the end of season six, when he visited her while in the care of her father, then-former Secretary of Defense James Heller, acted by William Devane, at his estate. Furthermore, I stated that I wanted her back, also in healthy mind and body back. And now, since having seen her appear in last Monday's premier, and fully healthy, I'm more than delighted.

Of course I do realize that I may not get all seven characters on my wish list back, especially since 24: Live Another Day will not be a full season of 24 episodes. But as I've said, bringing back Audrey Raines I expected was the toughest.

So things have definitely changed since season eight. Chloe O'Brian is no longer heading CTU New York, but now joined with a WikiLeaks type group in London, no longer with husband Morris or with her child. And former Secretary of Defense James Heller is now president of the United States, with daughter Audrey a part of his staff.

Already there's one person I don't fully trust from the jump. And that person is CIA Agent Kate Morgan, acted by Yvonne Strahovski. Yes it was explained in Monday's premier that she's the wife of a disgraced CIA agent, whose husband Adam Morgan was caught selling secrets. Still, she would have to prove to me that she's Mother Teresa in disguise for me to trust her. Why? Do I sense an echo of Nina Myers anyone? Furthermore, do I sense an echo of Dana Walsh, anyone?

Nina Myers had been a former CTU agent, was trusted, and then busted at the end of season one, after she killed Jack Bauer's wife after having her cover blown. She was wonderfully played by actress Sarah Clarke, who in reality is married to Xander Berkeley -- who played George Mason district director of CTU Los Angeles in season two.

Then there's Dana Walsh senior data analyst at CTU New York, acted by Katee Sackhoff, known from Battlestar Galactica. Sure she did have a bit of a shady past, changed her name to get a coveted position within CTU, and was on the verge of getting married. But look what happened after that, in with the group of Russians who took part in the killing of Omar Hassan in season eight.

So now we are faced with Jack Bauer, acted by Golden Globe and Emmy winner Kiefer Sutherland for the starring role, for not only trying to save President James Heller's life during a brokered deal with the prime minister of Great Britain, but also trying to stop further terrorism. Monday's premier began well. It did not reveal all the goods, because we know there's more yet to come. And that's also good. It also reminded me of why I like Jack Bauer, which I also stated in last year's blog saying:

... to Jack Bauer's way of thinking, he doesn't care if you are a man or a woman, ugly or beautiful, a fellow American or of another nationality, or how high in the upper echelons of power you may happen to be. If you dare to cross him or his family or his closest of friends, or cause national or international harm, he will come after you.