Paralyzed Hockey Player Takes ESPN Host To Prom, Pretty Much Ensures He's Too Cool For School

It was a very special prom night for Jack Jablonski.

The teen, who was paralyzed during a hockey game in late 2011, asked ESPN2 host Michelle Beadle to attend his high school dance with him during a radio interview in March -- and she said "yes."

So, on April 25, Beadle flew to Minnesota to meet Jablonski for his senior prom the next evening.

Beadle dined with Jablonski's family before the big event on Saturday, and even rode a school bus to Benilde-St. Margaret's dance with fellow prom-goers.

Apparently, the school made an exception so the 38-year-old sports reporter could attend.

"I’m happy that the school actually allowed me because I know they’re very, they’ve got some really good rules here. And, so it’ll be fun. I get to go on a school bus. Hello, it’s going to make me young again," Beadle told local CBS affiliate WCCO.

It seems Jablonski had a great evening with his special prom date:



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