Treasury Secretary Dodges Question About Putting A Woman On The $20 Bill

Man up, Lew.

Apparently, the one burning question everybody has for the nation's treasury secretary is, when will a woman appear on the $20 bill?

That was the first question CNN correspondent and anchor Christine Romans asked Jack Lew in a recent interview. Unfortunately, he pretty much avoided the question entirely.

"We've been looking at a whole range of issues about how to modernize our currency," Lew said. "I'm not going to make any announcement today. But we're looking at a lot of interesting things."

The movement to replace Andrew Jackson as the face of the 20 has been gaining steam. A nonprofit called Women on 20s, which wants to get a woman on the $20 bill by 2020, has come up with a short list of candidates including Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Friedan and Harriet Tubman.

After side-stepping the question about the $20 bill, Lew went on to talk about how important a strong dollar is for the U.S. economy. We think American currency could be a whole lot stronger, though, if it had some of some powerful women on it. Check out the mockups from Women on 20s:

sojourner truth

eleanor roosevelt

rosa parks

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