Jack Osbourne Multiple Sclerosis: Reality TV Star Talks New Motto On 'GMA'

Jack Osbourne's New Motto: 'Adapt And Overcome'

When it comes to battling his recently diagnosed multiple sclerosis, Jack Osbourne's motto is "adapt and overcome."

The TV star from across the pond was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease on June 18; he first became concerned that he had a health problem when he noticed that he was rapidly losing his vision -- he lost 80 percent in his right eye.

"My vision is coming back slowly," Osbourne told "GMA," Monday morning.

But the diagnosis isn't the only big life change for the reality TV star. Osbourne has been busy changing diapers for his new baby girl, Pearl, whom he and fiancee Lisa Stelly welcomed at the end of April.

While caring for his new daughter, Osbourne has also become vigilant about taking care of himself. According to Osbourne, who has the "most common and least aggressive" type of multiple sclerosis, managing the disease involves minimizing stress, eating healthy and getting sleep.

"It's a recipe for good living, really," Osbourne explains. "It's kind of manageable."

Catch up with Osbourne on his new Syfy show, "Haunted Highway."

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