Jack Quaid: People Were 'Spitting On Me’ For Years Over One 'Hunger Games' Scene

Quaid’s “The Hunger Games” co-star Amandla Stenberg finally forgave him for his character's evil deeds.
Jack Quaid is very happy you may not spit on him anymore.
Jack Quaid is very happy you may not spit on him anymore.
Rich Polk/E! Entertainment via Getty Images

The odds that “The Hunger Games” fans would walk away from the first film liking Jack Quaid’s character were never in his favor.

Spoilers for the 10-year-old movie below … just in case.

In the 2012 film, Quaid’s Marvel — a tribute from the wealthy District 1 who had trained all his life to compete in the ritual child-on-child murder games — accidentally kills 12-year-old Rue (Amandla Stenberg) while attempting to stab Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). Katniss kills Marvel in retaliation, and sits with the wounded Rue and sings her a lullaby until the girl dies.

Rue is beloved in the franchise ― which apparently wasn’t great for Quaid.

But it seems Stenberg has a bit of empathy for him, because during a mini “Hunger Games” reunion at Comic-Con — put on by E! News — Stenberg decided to forgive Quaid for killing Rue.


A decade later, Rue has confronted her killer. 🗡 #SDCC #TheHungerGames

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“Hello, Jack. It’s been so many years,” Stenberg says in an E! News TikTok. “It’s taken me time to recover. Sometimes I still get a jabbing pain through my abdomen and I’m reminded of the time you murdered me. But we all have our faults and I forgive you.”

In response, “The Boys” star dropped to his knees — and made quite the confession.

“Yes! Oh my gosh. Thank you for letting this happen,” Quaid said. “Oh my god, people were spitting on me in the streets for years!”

“The Hunger Games” was Quaid’s first film, per IMDb, so if you’ve been spitting on Quaid since the start of his career, maybe it’s time to stop.

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