Tumbling Jack Russell Wins Hearts After Hilariously Bad Dog Show Run

“Oh, what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less,” the announcer said.

You don’t have to be a winner to go home a champion, as one rescue dog proves.

The Jack Russell terrier named Olly is winning hearts around the world following a hilariously bad performance at the Crufts dog show in the U.K. on Friday after being tasked with navigating an obstacle course.

Entertaining video captured the pooch enthusiastically giving it his all as he dashed and leaped in the air as part of the program’s Rescue Dog Agility, as a woman with the Blue Cross tried to keep up.

Unfortunately for Olly, though he sure had speed and stamina on his side, his precision was a bit skewed. The tiny dog was seen running circles, face-planting after a premature jump and at one point pausing to sniff out a corner.

“Oh, what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less,” the announcer said while laughing after watching a replay of the dog barrel rolling across the floor before jumping back onto his feet as if it never happened.

“Olly’s totally crazy, as you can see he’s having a ball. Loves life and exercise,” the announcer summed up the endearing pooch’s carefree performance.

By Sunday, video of Olly’s antics became one of the top trending videos on YouTube, earning him internet gold.

You go, Olly.

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