Jack Shafer: How Dare You Call for the Resignation of Secretary Clinton

Jack Shafer of Slate Magazine recently called for the resignation of Secretary Clinton.

I have something to say to you, Jack: how dare you.

Secretary Clinton has been nothing but an asset to the U.S. Department of State and to the United States of America as a leader and a diplomat, working tirelessly representing this nation across the globe and helping to restore America's reputation.

As a recent, and now former State Department employee, I can say that I have seen no one work more tirelessly than Secretary Clinton to try and achieve diplomatic successes and I am not sure I ever will again in my lifetime. Go to www.State.gov to see how many places she has traveled to, how many foreign leaders she has met with, and how much work she has accomplished in so little time.

Jack Shafer tries to make the point that Clinton can no longer be an effective diplomat after these leaks. I have heard similar stories before about Secretary Clinton: "She cannot possibly work with President Obama after such a contentious election;" "there is no way she can work among 99 other Senators without stealing all of the limelight." And which of these stories actually came to fruition? So you know what I have to say to Mr. Shafer's claim? Hit the road, Jack. The Secretary will be just as effective as she was before.

The blame here rests with whoever leaked the documents. Don't lose sight of the issue at hand. We have, and will continue to have, an outstanding Secretary of State.