Here's Evidence That Customer Service Isn't Really Into Serving Customers

Ever wonder if customer service employees are actually trying to serve you? Or if they're just trying to get rid of you as soon as possible?

Apparently, Jack Vale has. The YouTube celebrity decided to put a number of employees to the test by setting up a camera inside a store and one inside his car. He then called from outside to ask if they had certain items in stock.

After asking, he cut the video to show exactly what the customer service representative was doing while they were "helping" him. As it turns out, a lot of the employees didn't even check to see if the item was in stock -- including one particular employee who said he was "101 percent" sure they did not have yoga mats. They did.

We couldn't independently verify everything that happened here. We reached out to Walmart and Target, both of which seem to appear in the video, but neither store responded to requests for comment.

To see the full compilation of customer service fails, check out the video above.



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