Comedian Catches Internet Scammers In The Act With Grandma And Grandpa Impression

Ever been on the receiving end of an alarming pop-up message telling you there are viruses on your computer -- and that you should call a toll-free number immediately to have it fixed?

Usually those numbers lead to scammers who plan to rip you off, says comedian Jack Vale, and he's been there. He assumes your Grandma has, too.

“I decided to get to the bottom of this scam, so I took a screenshot of that warning message and called the company," Vale says at the beginning of the video above. When he calls the number, he puts on a very convincing voice of an elderly grandma.

When the alleged scammer who answers asks Vale if he's "in Safari," he replies, “That was a few years ago, we went to Africa for that, but I’m at home now.”

When she tells him he'll have to pay between $400 and $500 to have his computer checked, he offers to pay her in fruit cake. It does not go over well.

Before it's over and done, the woman calls him a "f***ing douche." We call him a hero.



  • 1 What, your mouse isn't working?
    Check Check
    Check Check
  • 2 "Why won't my soda open?!"
  • 3 This is sure to send them flying out of their seat.
  • 4 Or, even better, flying out of the room.
  • 5 SHUDDER.
  • 6 Now that's just cruel and unusual.
  • 7 There's something fishy about this...
  • 8 NO. Just, no.
  • 9 There's no getting around this one.
  • 10 Give a friend the gift of some AWESOME inexplicable voicemails.
  • 11 Marinate while you shower!
  • 12 Classic Jim Halpert.
  • 13 Too much freshness is NOT good thing.
  • 14 Who wants pudding?
  • 15 Cream cheese deodorant is a recipe for disaster.
  • 17 Ummmm, no thanks.
  • 18 Aol On is so COOL

    aol on
    Aol On is so COOL