Jackie Chan’s Pandas In Ugg-Esque Boots Were The Best Oscars Dates Ever

After 200 films and 56 years, Chan was finally recognized as a Lifetime Achievement Award honoree.

Jackie Chan had the hands-down most furbulous dates at the Oscars. 

The actor showed up to the Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony accompanied by his “two baby boys” ― stuffed pandas in silver boots that resemble Uggs. And while his dates were unbearably adorable, they actually stand for an important cause. 

Chan, who was recognized during the event as a Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, explained that he’s a panda ambassador for Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Base. He also has two pandas of his own named “Cheng Cheng” and “Long Long,” he explained to E!’s Ryan Seacrest. Chan adopted the pair back in 2009 from the research and breeding base and has avidly donated to support panda conservation

"I have already adopted two real pandas... Plus it represents my country."

Chan actually had the toy pandas made at Build-A-Bear the year after he adopted his own. 

“I looked at many different bears but in the end, I chose the pandas because they speak to me. I feel a connection with them,” he wrote in a blog. “I have already adopted two real pandas. Also I am in Kung Fu Panda! Plus it represents my country. No matter what, every time I see a panda on TV I like to laugh! I love pandas!”

Needless to say, Chan’s dates caused some pandamonium on Twitter as people everywhere melted at the actor’s furry friends. 

As much as we love ‘em, the stuffed panda buds won’t get to chill with Chan forever. The actor plans to auction them off for charity. 

Now we really just wanna know ― can we borrow your dates, Jackie?