Watch Jackie Chan Break Down In Tears After His Stunt Team Pays Tribute To Him

What a beautiful way to pay tribute to a legendary man.

Martial arts star and funny man Jackie Chan usually makes us explode with laughter. But this beautiful moment he shared with his stunt team had us in tears.

The original members of Jackie Chan’s stunt team honored the actor in an emotional video, detailing fond memories they had of the star. The clip was shown to Chan onstage during a Chinese TV show segment.

And as if the heartwarming tribute wasn’t sweet enough, the stunt members also snuck up behind Chan and surprised him. 

The moment, which was shared on Facebook late last month, has gone viral with more than 9 million views and a whole lotta ugly crying from anyone who’s seen it. 

In the tribute video, those from the older generations of “JC Stunt Team,” who’ve known Chan for decades, recalled particularly poignant memories from the early years of the star’s career. Some told stories of how a humble Chan helped and supported them financially before he had fame or fortune.

Others described the enormous impact that working with Chan had on their careers. 

“Brother, I appreciate all the opportunities you have given me,” one member says through tears while addressing Chan, according to a Huffington Post translation. “Today so many people recognize me, Zhang Yaohua, because you took care of me along the way.”

Bawling yet? Well, it gets better. 

Chan, who is watching the video with newer members of his stunt team, speaks to the studio audience about how he misses his original “brothers,” since he hasn’t seen them for some time. But at the 5:02 mark, he turns around, only to be shocked with the sight of his old crew before him, ecstatic to be reunited. 

And of course, more tears ensue. 

The appreciation that the JC Stunt Team has for the star mirrors the admiration that so many Asian-Americans, who’ve grown up watching his movies, feel for Chan. The star broke barriers as a Chinese actor in Hollywood, where few Asians are cast in speaking roles, let alone given lead roles. And last year, he solidified his place as a trailblazer when he was awarded an honorary Oscar, becoming the first Chinese actor in history to do so. 

Keep on kicking ass, Jackie!    




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