Jackie Collins Knew Bill Clinton Had A 'Zipper Problem'

Jackie Collins has sold over 400 million books worldwide with her saucy tales of fame, fortune and lust. The author told me, however, that many of her characters are based on people we all know, because what really goes on in Hollywood is much more scandalous than even fiction.

"I remember, before Clinton was president, I was sitting at a dinner in Beverly Hills and one of his aides was there and told me that he was definitely going to be president, except for one problem: the zipper problem," Jackie tells me. "They knew way before he was elected!"

Collins revealed they she still writes in long hand and gets a thrill telling her tales, which she keeps leather-bound in her Beverly Hills mansion where real life is a constant inspiration. Good thing Jackie's friends still tell her secrets.

"Oh, they tell me stuff all of the time. ... So I am sitting next to this movie star who is having an affair [while still] with his wife and I tell him, 'I hope you are using a condom,' because I am very frank with my male friends. And he says, 'No, I don't,' and I said, 'Why not?' And he said, 'Because it's worth it!' Do you want me to whisper the name?" (Hint: He likes his drinks shaken not stirred!)

Even Jackie's family isn't in the clear when it comes to inspiring her "fiction." When sister Joan Collins turned up as a less than flattering character in her 1969 novel, The Stud, Jackie thought they would never speak again -- but Joan loved it.

"She came to me and said she loved The Stud," Collins said. "I let her take the book and run with it. We are close. She is in Europe right now. She is very grand. She is a character and her energy is unbelievable. She likes to dress up and go out. Not me -- I want my chocolate, TiVo, my pen and paper and I am good."

And what's Joan's cherry on top? A good piece of celebrity gossip!

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