Jackie Cruz And Diane Guerrero Rethink Their Friendship After BFF Quiz

"We don’t know anything about each other."

The real-life friendship between “Orange Is the New Black” stars Jackie Cruz and Diane Guerrero was tested recently ― literally.

Unfortunately for the cast mates, who play close friends Flaca and Maritza on the Netflix series, they did not pass with flying colors.

In a video posted by BuzzFeed on Tuesday, the actresses and friends took the site’s BFF quiz. Cruz and Guerrero were asked questions about each other and asked to write down the answers. They then revealed their answers to the camera simultaneously.

But the duo failed to answer nearly every question correctly.

“We don’t know anything about each other,” Guerrero said after the quiz. “You’ve ruined our lives.”

“You’ve ruined our friendship,” Cruz echoed.

The two agreed that they had to work on their relationship but all was not lost. During the quiz, the two friends answered the question “Who is Jackie’s celebrity crush?” correctly. (Answer: Elvis Presley)

“Finally, we can be friends again,” Cruz said.

Phew, that was a close call.

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