How 'Jackie' Re-Created The First Lady's Famous White House Tour

See an exclusive featurette about the masterful film starring Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy in "Jackie."
Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy in "Jackie."

In 1962, Jacqueline Kennedy provided the American public’s first televised peek inside the White House. Facing criticism for spending her time as first lady renovating the interior with historical relics, Kennedy wanted to prove she hadn’t devoted taxpayer dollars to the project. Her hour-long tour ― broadcast on CBS, NBC and ABC ― was a smashing success, drawing 80 million viewers and helping to cement Kennedy’s image.

The new movie “Jackie” re-creates the tour, showing its title subject as the consummate performer, both self-conscious and in control. The footage, shot on a White House set constructed with incredible detail, is woven throughout Pablo Larraín’s film. The Huffington Post has an exclusive look at how Larraín refashioned this famous documentary for his unconventional biopic about the aftermath of President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 assassination, starring Natalie Portman as the first lady.

Watch below. “Jackie” is now playing in select theaters. 



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