Jackson Family Drama: What's Your Take?

You've read the reports and it's clear that the Jackson family is up to their necks in drama, right now.

First, Mother Jackson disappears and Paris takes to Twitter. It's later revealed she wasn't really missing at all.

If that wasn't strange enough, it then comes out that some members of the family are calling for the executors of Michael Jackson's estate to resign.

Then footage of a brawl at the Jackson family compound has us all riveted. Photos of the Jacksons arguing flood the web, reports of Janet popping Paris and snatching her phone hit the streets, the cops get called and everyone weighs in.

Just today, Gladys Knight said on the show "The Talk," that if Paris spoke to her the way she spoke to Janet, she "wouldn't have no more teeth."

So with all the crazy, we decided to ask you what you thought, we took to Twitter and here's what we asked.

And Boy, did you answer. Below are just a few of your responses:

In light of a lot your replies, we then asked this:

Here's what some of you said.

Don't get us wrong, when we heard this many of us at BlackVoices HQ said amongst ourselves, "This little girl needs to stay out of grown folks business" too. Sadly, though, something seems seriously amiss. What do you think? Would you have snatched Paris' phone? Was she out of line? Or just acting like any scared 14-year-old would?